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BUMPA. Mobile tile lift

Extremely fast and mobile conveyor belt for moving bricks, tiles and mortar!
An indispensable tool for roofers and building contractors.

How much building material can the BUMPA tile elevator transport in 1 hour?

Roof tiles

of 30 masonry blocks

of masonry blocks 38

of small bricks

Key features:


  • Easy to transport to site by trailer, van
  • Can be set up in 4 minutes by 2 people and up and running!
  • Can replace up to 3-4 workers
  • 2 people on roof and rack can easily move it
  • Makes the work easier on employees
  • Makes work safer
  • Variable height adjustment (7-9 meters maximum working height; depending on model)
  • Continuous operation, no waiting, material always at hand!
  • Transports upwards and backwards, so it’s great for demolition work too!

Whether you’re building one, two or three-storey houses, every roofer and contractor needs a Bumpa building material and tile lift.

Pictures of the BUMPA conveyor belt

BUMPA carries everything!

Multiply your output, reduce your labor costs!
Work with ease!!

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